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Providing weight reduction, cost reduction, and performance enhancement for high precision components



Providing long term durable packaging and protection for sensitive electronics required to operate in extremely harsh environments.



High performance and specialty materials for reducing wear, friction, and noise


In the field of high-performance plastics we focus on 3 primary areas of development we believe to be key in solving challenges and creating value for future mobility, clean energy, automation and mechatronic systems. More specifically, for components and systems with a high degree of function and required to operate in very difficult environments such as those found in automotive powertrain, chassis, and electrification systems.  These key application areas are high precision metal replacement, wear and friction, and electronics packaging and protection.

Through our many years of application development in these areas, and an extensive global network of plastic material suppliers and formulators, we are able provide unique and innovative material and design solutions for our customers.

We provide a systematic and iterative plastic product development process that is critical to not only long-term part performance but especially important for optimized costs, repeatable part tolerances, and physical properties.  Navigating the complex field of high-performance plastics and the variety of trades offs between the thousands of potential thermoplastic and thermoset material solutions can be a daunting, time consuming and expensive for those not experienced in the field.  INMAR aims to be a bridge between companies in need of an advanced plastic product solution and material suppliers offering unique solutions for tomorrows challenges.

Whether you are developing new applications for future mobility, advanced medical devices required to survive autoclave sterilization, or downhole electrical devices required to operate and survive in the extreme temperatures and chemicals found in a variety of drilling operations, INMAR can help.

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INMAR Solutions is an advanced product development firm whose central purpose is to assist organizations of any size transform ideas, vision, and needs into commercial product successes through the intelligent application of high performance polymer composite materials.  We focus on advanced product development for highly engineered components and systems required to function in harsh environments.


We serve anyone in need of quick turn around on high precision/high performance injection molded prototype or low volume parts, including:

  • Materials suppliers
  • Plastics molding companies
  • Tier 1 and OEM systems design engineers
  • Entrepreneurs