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About Us


INMAR Solutions is an advanced product development firm whose central purpose is to assist organizations of any size transform ideas, vision, and needs into commercial product successes through the intelligent application of high performance polymer composite materials.

We excel in delivering robust and innovative solutions for our customers whose products are required to function in extreme environments and operating conditions. We work continuously to identify and bring together new and innovative materials, processes, designs and people to fulfill unmet needs in the market place. We achieve these goals by leveraging our in house technical expertise in plastic product engineering and with the support of an extensive network of global materials and manufacturing partners.


We have broad plastics engineering expertise and focus on high value creation with innovating materials designs and processing.

  • Unbiased Material and Process Selection
  • Focus on Future Mobility and Mechatronic Systems
  • Expertise in Electronics Encapsulation
  • Expertise in High Precision Metal to Plastic Conversions
  • Commitment to Excellence and Innovation
  • Global Focus and Global Network


We serve anyone in need of quick turn around on high precision/high performance injection molded prototype or low volume parts, including:

  • Material suppliers looking for support in applications engineering and market development with materials uniquely suited for harsh environments and operating conditions.
  • Plastics molding companies who need help with engineering their own products, selecting alternative materials for cost savings or quality or performance improvements.
  • Tier 1 and OEM systems design engineers who lack experience in engineering plastics and need support navigating what can be a complicated materials selection and product engineering process.
  • Entrepreneurs with innovative plastic product ideas but lack the plastics background and/or resources to bring the product to market.